Almost all vegetation begins as a seed. Primitive plants such as ferns and mosses have no seeds, they reproduce with water-dependent agents. A seed is a reproductive body or nucleus that consists of a seed coat, possibly a seed white (nutrient tissue), a seed scar, a germ (embryo), a hypocotyl, a cotyledon, a micropyl and a radical.

The nutrient tissue (seed white) contains fats, proteins, starch and / or hemicellulose. There is abundant nutrient tissue in grasses and palm trees, while orchids are completely devoid of white seeds. The seed scar marks the seed's previous attachment site in the plant. The sprout contains predisposition to the first root (primary root), predisposition to the shoots and predisposition to one or two heart leaves. The hypocotyl forms the link between the root and the upper part of the plant. Cotyledon corresponds to the plant's heart leaf / sprout leaves, the first leaves that develop when a seed germinates. Micropylene is an opening in the seed that allows the egg of the seed to be fertilized. The radical is the first part (root) of a plant that emerges from the seed during the germination process, an embryonic root of the plant that grows downwards in the soil.

Seeds can be bare or enclosed in fruits, for example, conifers have bare seeds. Seed formation is part of the reproductive process in seedlings, seeds are the product of the mature ovulation after fertilization with pollen.

Seeds should be stored in a dark, cool and dry place for best germination. You should preferably store your seeds in paper, if they are stored in a plastic bag, there is a risk of condensation that causes the seeds to start germinating. It should not be too hot or too cold, the optimum temperature is between 14 and 16 degrees.

Seed bags are stamped with a best-before date, there may still be good germination after this date. You can test the germination by placing seeds between two wettex cloths, if the sprouts start to grow out, the germination is good.

You must also be careful with your seeds, if they are hit hard they can cause damage that directly affects germination. Larger seeds are generally more sensitive to blows, if you drop a seed bag on the floor this can mean that the seeds cannot germinate.

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