A chili with a special, cheeky look. The orange fruits are about 5-8 cm long. Feel free to top the plant to make it more bushy. Has an aromatic, sour taste. Vitamin C-rich fruits that can be mixed into chili powder or enjoyed fresh, dried and frozen. Remove the hot seeds before ingestion. Fertilize and water regularly.

Pre-cultivation: Sow in moist seed soil. Keep moist, cover with plastic el. place in mini greenhouse. Set warm for germination (20-22 ° C). After emergence, bright and cooler. Use extra lighting. When the plants are large enough to handle, put 1 / pot in fertilized soil. Plant at 8 ° C as the lowest night temp.

Chili Pepper Erotica
Latin Name Capsicum baccatum
Plant distance 60 cm
Line spacing 60 cm
Height 70-90 cm
Plant position Sun
Number of seeds 5 pcs
Yields 3-4 plants

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Chili Pepper Erotica

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