Tasty and mild. Bright red, very beautiful fruits, whose bell shape has given the plant its name. Smells fresh and sour, reminiscent of rhubarb scent. Maybe not the right choice when you want the really hot stew, but a culinary experience served with cheese-filled and oven-gratinated. Grows strongly and can form a tall shrub.

Pre-cultivation: Sow in moist seed soil. Keep moist, cover with plastic el. place in mini greenhouse. Set warm for germination (20-22 ° C). After emergence, bright and cooler. Use extra lighting. When the plants are large enough to handle, put 1 / pot in fertilized soil. Plant at 8 ° C as the lowest night temp.

Chili Pepper Jamaican Bell
Latin Name Capsicum baccatum
Plant distance 80-100 cm
Line spacing 80-100 cm
Height 100-125 cm
Plant position Sun
Number of seeds 8 pcs

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Chili Pepper Jamaican Bell

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